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Crowdsourcing & Social Media Launch!


Crowdsourcing & Social Media Launch!

Condo development is coming folks - it's real, and its threatening to take away Toronto's Schnitzel supply!

In efforts to keep the 'schnitz flowing, Schnitzel Queen has partnered with artist and designer Justin Vitale to launch a crowdsourcing campaign and to create a new social media identity. 

Over at Schnitzel Queen, we believe that small business can survive in the cut-throat world of condo-geddon. To all the people who have graciously supported and enjoyed our sandwiches over the years - now is your time to tell the man what you REALLY think about him taking his grubby hands to your Schnitzel!

We have great offers for pledges including meals, memorabilia, private parties and more!

Check us out on Indiegogo & Kickstarter.

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Thank you for visiting and have yourself a 'Schnitzy one :)